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7 Secrets for a Killer Resume

As as an cabin crew or an aviation or a hospitality candidate your personality will matter a lot but do you know your resume speaks louder than you.
Resume is going to be the next thing the interviewer will look at after your personality. Whether you’re applying for an airport job, cabin crew job or a hotel job; building a resume such that it gives out your first impression really good is important. Resume is like your frontline fighter so basically that piece of paper is like the first opportunity to showcase your talent.
A strong resume helps you stand out from the crowd. Every industry/organization has different standards for resume be it a hotel, an airline, an airport or a travel company.
Here are 7 secrets to keep in mind while making a resume.

  1. Keep it short and to the point
    Your resume is not your diary, it should be straight to the point. Include only the recent job experience. There’s no need to include experiences which are 10-15 years old unless you have worked there for a quite long time. Including everything might only make your resume more tacky. An interviewer glances at your resume for just 7 seconds and so your resume should be precise, organised and to the point.
  2. Always write your education details in chronological order
    This means whatever your latest education is that should be mentioned first. And if you have any work experience that will be mentioned even before the last education.
  3. Do not use capital letters
    Whenever we use capital letters for the entire statement that shows anger, so it is preferable not to use capitals in your resumes. Also make sure you use title case, i.e. when writing your school or college or course names, make sure the first alphabet of the word is capital.
  4. Use same font throughout the resume and bold the key words.
    It will never be a good idea to give out the same resume to each and every industry.
    Use the font size that is readable to one’s eyes without stress. Make sure to keep the font size to minimum 12. Bold the headings and highlight the keywords i.e your strengths and achievements.
  5. Proof read for errors
    Correct any errors you find before printing out the copies of the resume.
  6. Always highlight your achievements
    Highlighting your achievements makes your resume more attractive. i.e. you can make the text bold.
  7. Study it well
    Studying your resume well also includes providing the correct information. This is important because the interviewer will ask you questions based on your resume so you need to atleast know what you have mentioned in your resume.

Good Luck!

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