Job Skills

Top Body Language Mistakes to Strictly Avoid During a Job Interview

  1. Avoiding Eye Contact: This can come off as disinterested or lacking confidence. Try to maintain good eye contact throughout the conversation.
  2. Crossing Arms: This is often interpreted as defensive or closed off. Keep your hands relaxed in your lap or on the table.
  3. Fidgeting: This can indicate nervousness or a lack of focus. Try to keep movements minimal and deliberate.
  4. Slouching: Poor posture can make you appear unprofessional or lazy. Sit up straight and maintain good posture.
  5. Not Smiling: While you don’t need to constantly smile, appearing too stern or serious can come off as unfriendly. Smile when appropriate to show you’re personable.
  6. Invading Personal Space: Respect the interviewer’s personal space. Don’t lean in too close or make them feel uncomfortable.
  7. Checking Your Watch or Phone: This signals that you’re disinterested or have somewhere else to be. Focus your attention on the interviewer.
  8. Weak Handshake: A limp handshake can make you appear unconfident or indifferent. Practice a firm, but not crushing, handshake.

Remember, body language can be a powerful communication tool. Using it appropriately can help you make a positive impression at your job interview.

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