Careers after 10+2

How to choose a money making career after 10+2

Choosing a lucrative high job opportunity career after 12th in inevitable.

Often students wonder which career to choose after 10+2. It is a life changing decision. Choosing an extra ordinary career driven by your passion is important.

Steps to Choose the right career path after 10+2:

  1. Know what your interests are? The thumb rule is; if you are passionate about something, you will be best at it.
  2. Seek Advice from friends and family. Since this is the most important decision of your life at this age.
  3. Always find the future prospects. Making money is important.
  4. Choose Wisely. In recent times, there are a many job oriented skill based courses after 12th.

The new generation student is not limited to a specific field of study after high school. Students are open to newer unexplored career paths. They are willing to learn and explore job oriented short term vocational courses where they have seen an astonishing success. 

Some of the Short term Diploma and Certificates vocational courses students can choose from:

  • Diploma/Certificate in Hotel Management
  • Diploma/Certificate in Airport Management
  • Diploma/Certificate in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Diploma/Certificate in Retail Management
  • Diploma/Certificate in Cabin Crew Training
  • Diploma/Certificate in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma/Certificate in Beauty Therapy
  • Diploma/Certificate in Multimedia
  • Diploma/Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma/Certificate in Event Management
  • Diploma/Certificate in Web Designing
  • Diploma/Certificate in Interior Design
  • Diploma/Certificate in Fashion Design
  • Diploma/Certificate in Photography

Later in Life people dont judge you only with the highest level of education you have achieved, people are more interested in your success story.

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