Interview MakeUp

Interview MakeUp Dos & Donts


This is a common question which arises in one’s mind when it comes to applying for a job specially when it comes to the aviation and hospitality industry.
We all like to present ourselves the best we can and makeup is the last thing you want to worry about.

Makeup adds on to your confidence but maintaining a delicate balance between overdoing your makeup and not putting in any effort is necessary.

We’ve got you here with the DOs & DON’Ts of interview makeup.
It takes just seven seconds for an interviewer to make a first impression of you so ensure your makeup is neutral, neat and professional.

Here is the one thing you don’t want to forget when you leave your house.

  • Do not step out without your touch up supplies this will help you fix any smudges or re-do if required.

Lets jump to the DO’s

  1. Getting into the habit of a proper skincare routine
  • Cleanse
  • Moisturise
  • Sunscreen
    This would form a good base for your makeup to blend in.

2. Choosing the right shade of your foundation as well as concealer.
This the the most important step in order to ace your flawless makeup look because you don’t want your makeup to look cakey.
Using a concealer underneath your eyes and on the bridge of your nose will help brighten up your face.

3. Use of subtle blush
It is tricky to find a blush that suits your skin tone.

4. Use soft shades of lipsticks without gloss or shimmer

5. Browns and neutrals for eyes
Use of earthy shades for eyeshadows will give you a more professional look.

6. Finish the look with a setting spray.
Setting spray will help you keep everything in its place so even if during the interview if you touch your face by mistake you don’t end up scraping off the makeup layer.


  1. No gloss or highlighter on your face
    Lip gloss and highlighters looks tacky and unprofessional in an interview.
    Always prefer matte look for the interview.
  2. Do not use vibrant makeup colours
    You cannot wear , vibrant red, hot pink or black lipstick or a smokey eye to an interview. Avoid green, blue, purple or any such colors as an eye shadow. Makeup should be as subtle as possible.
  3. Do not wear fake eyelashes
    Fake lashes add more dramatic effect to your look which isn’t necessary for an interview.

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