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    The Hotel Management training in the Wings Institute

    Wings Institute is the best place to prepare for the job in hotel or the hospitality industry. Our Hotel Management course is infused with the spirit of hospitality — an unforgettable experience combining classroom instruction with hands-on practice. At Wings, we have all the necessary equipment and set up to properly prepare you. The Hotel Management course at Wings provides the comprehensive preparation you need to explore careers, find the best path for your passions, and launch your career in the largest, most exciting industry in the world.

    If you have creativity and a passion for service, we’ll help you develop skills, knowledge, and an unmatched network to succeed in your career of choice.

    Why apply for Hotel Management course?

    When you are only a trainee with no job experience, finding a job becomes a long and frustrating process. Usually, you will have trouble getting a job without job experience, but how does one get experience without having an actual job? Fortunately, there are a lot of job openings in the hospitality industry for inexperienced, but properly trained applicants.

    More than experience, the industry values a skilled person, who has a calm and outgoing personality, can provide high-quality service and does not cross the bounds of work ethics.

    When you graduate with a certificate from Wings Institute with superlative knowledge and skills, proven practical experience and exciting internships, you’re one of the most employable new prospects on the job market.

    For these reasons, Wings Institute is the best place for completing your professional Hotel Management training.

    What to expect from Wings Institute?

    At Wings Institute you will not only attend and pass the Hotel Management course but also gain experience and go through an exciting internship in the real hotel.

    You will gain knowledge on how hotels function and operate inside: front office operations, food production, food & beverages service, housekeeping operations and so much more you need to know about hotels. Apart from it, we will work on your overall image and style.

    Who can apply for Hotel Management Course?

    • Young girls and boys aged 17 years and above
    • 10th Pass or Appeared or Diploma Students or College Graduates
    • Gujarati, Hindi, English or any Medium Students

    About the Hotel Management Course

    The Hotel Management Course lasts for a year, with a part-time attendance. Classes are 4-hour long, from Monday to Friday.

    At the Wings Institute, we offer you to become a part of our successful training course and learn how Improve your guest experience, boost satisfaction, and achieve operational excellence.

    Hotel Management Course Modules:

    • Front Office Operations
    • Food and Beverage Service
    • Food Production
    • Housekeeping Operations

    Additional Free Courses and Training:

    • Spoken English
    • Personality Development
    • Basic Etiquette Training
    • Grooming and Make-Up Sessions
    • Gym, Zumba and Yog Training
    • Customer Service Training
    • Basic First Aid
    • Job Skill Training

    Apart from the Training and Course Material, the tuition fee includes two uniform sets, Make-Up Kit for females or the Grooming Kit for males, a professional photo shoot for your future CV.

    During the course of studying at the Wings Institute, we will teach you how to successfully display outstanding interpersonal skills and achieve excellent customer service, which constantly meets the goals and vision of the hospitality industry You will be able to promptly resolve guests queries and ensure that all guests are satisfied.

    At the end of the training, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate, Internship Completion Certificate from the place of internship together with Cambridge Certificate for English and so much more.

    Wings Institute will provide 100% Job Search Help and Assistance. Wings Institute assists students with job search, interview preparation and resume making,

     Disclaimer: Wings Institute does not make any implicit promises or does not give any guarantee for any placement or jobs. Students are paid salaries according to their abilities.