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How to Prepare for an award winning Job Interview?

Ace your Job Interview. Fight your fears and Stand Out from the Crowd.

Often candidates wonder how should we prepare for our upcoming job interview. Appearing for an interview can be nerve wrecking and may create anxiety, fear and stress; only if you are not aware of what has to be done.  To ace any job interview you are required to have in-depth preparation, knowledge about the job opening and the organization, and you must exhibit confidence and comfort in describing your qualifications, skills and experiences to the hiring team.

10 Major Tips for an award winning interview:

  1. Research: Know and learn everything you can about the company you are applying for. You can go on the company’s website or google about them.
  2. Resume and Cover Letter: Make a detailed resume based on the position and the job description or profile that you are applying for. Write an impressive cover letter, mentioning why you are the perfect fit for the position.
  3. Preparation: PRACTICE….PRACTICE…. PRACTICE… every possible question that you could be asked at the interview. Practice with a friend, family or a mirror. Prepare your outfit and your best look for the interview. Sleep well before the day of the interview.
  4. Punctuality: Reach before time at the venue. Settle down and submit documents. Punctuality is an essential quality that hiring managers and employers look for in their prospect employee.
  5. Patience & Body Language: Wait patiently for your turn. Never show anxiety or suggest any body language that shows impatience. Maintain positive body language at all times.
  6. Confidence: Be confident, maintain eye contact at all times, when asked any question. If you are unaware of the answer to any question, answer anything but something. Speak very clearly, never murmur
  7. Professionalism: Being professional is mandatory, the attire must be formal, well washed and perfectly ironed. Polished Shoes, groomed hair and skin. Use professional language and be extremely polite to every one you meet at the venue. Be chivalrous to the ladies or the person before you.
  8. Communication: Good communication skills are equally important at any interview, written verbal or non verbal. Greet the interviewer always. Engage into appropriate small talk as a conversation starter. Level Up your communication style with the interviewer. Do not use word fillers such as “um” “and” “because” “like”.
  9. Listening: Listening skills are imperative when we are in communication. Listen carefully to each question posed at you and think before you answer. Always paraphrase what they said in your mind. Use non verbal cues such as; nodding, leaning in, maintaining eye contact are the signs you give to the interviewer that you are listening attentively.
  10. Ask Questions: Prepare a few genuine questions that you may wish to ask the employer or the hiring manager during or post your interview.  They often ask candidates if they have any questions. Your questions must reflect your interest in the position and the company. You must reflect genuine interest in the position and the company.


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