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Top 5 Common fears while trying to speak in English

  1. Fear of Making Mistakes: Many people fear making grammatical errors or mispronouncing words while speaking English. They worry about being judged or laughed at for these mistakes.
  2. Fear of Not Being Understood: Some people worry that their accent or their vocabulary might prevent them from being understood by others.
  3. Fear of Not Knowing Enough Vocabulary: This fear stems from the thought that they might not know the correct word or phrase to express their thoughts or feelings.
  4. Fear of Negative Evaluation: This fear revolves around the worry that others will have a negative perception of them if they speak English poorly.
  5. Fear of Freezing or Forgetting Words: Some fear they might forget words, freeze up, or not know what to say during a conversation, leading to awkward silences or confusion.

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