Personality Development Course

Makeover – A new you!

Makeover – A new you! – Personality Development Course

Duration : One Month : Part time
Monday to Friday : 2 hours a day

Modules Included:

  • Basic Communication Skill Development
  • Personality Enhancement
  • Learn Day and Evening Make Up
    Our Makeup Stations have Hi-Luminous Mirrors that is used in the Professional Make Up World
  • Body Language
  • Learn Skin and Hair Care with Natural Home Ingredients.
    Our Fully Equipped Spa has Hair Wash Station, Hair Spa Machines, Face Steamers, Galvanizing – Hi-Frequency Beauty Equipment
  • Health and Nutrition & Diet Counseling
  • Image Enhancing
  • Learn Different Hair Styles
  • Power of  Dressing
    Pairing and Accessorizing
    Understand Warm and Cool Colors
    Saree Draping
    Learn How to Wear A Scarf (Different Styles of Tying A Scarf)
  • Social Etiquette
    Art of Small Talk
    Business Etiquette
  • Learn to Set Up the perfect Dining Table for your family and guests
    Learn Serving and Napkin Folding
    Learn Dining Etiquette
  • In-House Gymnasium Facility
  • Basic Yog (Pranayam)
    Basic Zumba training
  • Smart Cooking Sessions:

It only takes Seven (7) seconds to build a first impression…..:
… leave a lasting impression! You will never get a second chance.